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Character Claims

Hey Beansbabe here again.

Character registrations is now open!

D'Eon De Beaumont - Beansbabe
Lia De Beaumont - juxtaposie
Durand - durandchevalier
King Louis XV
Dauphin Auguste
Queen Marie née Leszczynska
Duke of Broglie
Marquise de Pompadour
Praslin César Gabriel de Choiseul
Duke of Orléans
Comte de Saint-Germain
Caron de Beaumarchais
Maximilien Robespierre -smartlaine
Count Cagliostro

Durand is free because Tylercat dropped out unfortunately
Lorenza Feliciani - contessamorgana
Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
King George III
Comte de Guercy
Robert Wood
Francis Dashwood, 15th Baron le Despencer
Paul Whitehead
John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich
Empress Elizaveta

Lets get started!!!
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I'll give it a try with Durand. How I would play him, eh? Well, he's sometimes a little cruel, likes to tease, but is very loyal (which gets him into trouble when his loyalties conflict). He was in love with Lia but never actually put it into to words for her, and every time he sees d'Eon dressing in her clothes or being possessed by her he feels that again (and kicks himself a little for letting her get away).

I guess I'd go by the pilot ep that's in the DVD books, that Durand and Robespierre were in le secret du roi together before Lia joined. They were pretty close, but it seems Lia was a divisive factor.

Durand fights well. He's no prodigy with the sword but he's experienced and knows some dirty tricks. He probably did more of the dirty work as the king's agent, rather than the actual diplomacy parts. Good at gathering information and managing networks.

Uh, do you have anything in mind for what scenario we'd start with? I guess it can't be post-series, since most of the characters are dead.
Oh I think I did that wrong. Well, I'll just wait and to see an example. Eheh.
Wasn't quite what i meant. But hey. I'll let it slide. I'll do an example of what i wanted but You got the part ^_^
Seems no one else is playing the resident bad guy, so I'll take Maximilien Robespierre over here.

HOW I'LL PLAY-- Well, he's a serious type hellbent on changing the current power structure in France and likely to the rest of the world. He's normally the cool, calm and collected type, except where Lia is concerned. He wears a cravat. He doesn't hesitate to kill people or manipulate others to reach his goal.

WELL THAT'S PROBABLY IT I think I'm the only person on the interwebs (aside from tylercat who's written him in fic (...) at all, so uh, yeah.

QUESTION! Will this be pre-series or during the series? because it'd be super awesome to have it set pre-series.
YAY badboy!

I think we'll set it during the series. But it will be different. Seems as i haven't seen all the series yet.

Keep an eye out for my post on how i want people to apply for characters cos i don't think i explained it well enough. >_>

D'Eon Be Beaumont sat alone in the inn room that was acting as his home for the moment. His thoughts were once again centred on his sister Lia. Gis three companions were all close by. Talking in the next room. He had excused himself to rest. But couldn't seem to find sleep.

They had a lot to do. But people saying that the spirit of his sister was inside him was slightly unerving. She had come out and killed Bernis.

Bernis was.... had been a close friend. But now he was dead. Mixed up with whatever Lia had been mixed up with. He stood moving to the window. Looking up towards the stars. He swore that he would stop others from dying the same way his sister and Bernis had. He would find the source and stop whoever was behind this.

Good god, it's long, I know, and I apologize. I also have a few questions about how you're gonna wanna do this... since Lia's dead and all - lol - but we can work that out later.

Lia was old enough to know what she wanted out of life, and a premature death – murder, to be exact! – was not on the list. She wanted normal things: love and friendship and a warm place to sleep; books and journals and ink and pens and cunning minds to share her passions with; sword points and gunpowder and espionage and all those other secret things that made her heart race and her life worth living. She wanted to be happy, and she wanted everyone she loved to be happy.

She had mental ledgers, just like every other human being, of things she liked (physics and fencing, debate and political intrigue, lilies and foie gras and forward-thinking men) and things she disliked (embroidery and irises, deceit and treachery, cowards and liars and expatriates). There were things that made her happy - like sunny mornings, and bright, clear nights, and fresh snow - and things that made her sad – poverty, and destitution and illiteracy. There was even a very small number of things that made her angry. Unfortunately for the parties involved, there was only one that really and truly made her rage: that was betrayal.

Someone was going to settle the debt, and they were going to do it in blood. She would make sure of that, if it was the last thing she ever did.

Because now that she was dead, Lia only wanted one thing: justice.

^_^ you got the part ^_^ good job!

Sorry its taken a while for me to reply >_> haven't been around ^_^
No worries! I know how real life is sometimes.
If this is still active, I'd like to join too! I might have gone a little overboard writing, though - sorry if it gives anyone a headache!


In the most serene republic of Venice, a girl of good family and virtue leaves the house of her father at a young age and is educated in the convents, to ensure she is learned and fit to breed sons, and that her virtue remains preserved for whatever man should become her husband. Once esconed in the cloisters, there are only two ways in which she may leave:

When she is of age (and what age is debatable - some say as young as eleven, others protest and say eighteen, and still others say whenever age the girl begins to have the moon's blood), either her father receives an offer to his liking and she marries, whereby there is a grand spectacle of a wedding, the bride is swathed in her best gown and veiled in lace, tears are shed by all, and the groom is presented with a handsome gift of gold florins for taking the girl off her father's hands.

The second, where if she is repulsive or headstrong or so stupid that no man will have her hand, or if she is none of these but ultimately proves infertile (a sad thing, but what can one do? It is God's will), is to keep her in the convent. Like the former, she takes the veil, tears are shed, and the girl's father presents the dowry to the abbess in exchange for his daughter becoming a bride of Christ. The girl withdraws into the cloisters and will never leave, save in a coffin.

Lorenza Feliciani nearly became of this second, other group, but for the Count di Cagliostro. Although beautiful and charming and none so stupid, she has a way with words, and with men, and her family feared this and saw fit to bundle her into the convent sooner than most. Cagliostro, Lorenza knows, too has a way with words - but his gift lies in his ever-present ingratiating smiles, in his speeches and urgings and pretty flattery, which has served him well in his dealings - and there is a charm all his own despite his paunch and grey hair. They are a team, the Count and his Poet, ambitious and opportunistic, and Lorenza does not mind the path she has chosen.

It is thanks to Cagliostro and Maximilien (who has that odd gilded book she cannot open and Cagliostro cannot even pick up) that she is free to enjoy life outside the convent. Lorenza is grateful, as she should. She has seen France and the German states, England and Russia, which is more than she could ever have done trapped behind a convent's grille.

But if Cagliostro's ambitions come to naught and should his silver tongue ever fail to extricate them from a situation, Lorenza will not hesitate to throw him to the wolves to save her own skin. Better him in the Bastille than she.
^_^ You got the part. Welcome to the rp
Hurrah!! ^^ Thank you so much!

Sorry for not replying right away... You're not the only one with Real Life ;)
LOL Us internet people aren't supposed to have one... but it manages to get in the way lol